Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Inspiration Winner is.......

Well I finally got some sewing/quilting done over the weekend. I've had a quilt I've been sewing over a year, I've taken it to any quilt retreat I attended. I mean geesh it had 90 light snowball blocks and 74 dark snowball blocks that used 5" squares and 1 3/4" corner squares . So it is finally put together, I just need to put a border on it. Once that is done I'll post a picture. It was done with charm packs I bought and scraps I had on hand.

There was some great comments from some fabulous quilters out there with lots of different ways to get inspiration to jump start quilting again. I hope I'm not the only one that gets something from this then me.

The winner is Regina~~~~ yea, congratulations!!! Here is her comment she wrote.

I value my online quilting buddies -and their blogs -they really help keep the momentum going for me. When I find a slump, I pick an evening and say "well, I will just sew for an hour tonight" and go from there -sometimes that one hour kick starts me again, and sometimes I stay in the slump a bit longer.

Thanks for all that had posted, was fun reading them. Happy Quilting.

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