Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sewing Today I hope~

Today I believe I'll be sewing I hope. ;-) We've had some snow, rain and ice. Typical Ohio weather but I do love the snow, watching it out of the window & the birds. Just seems to make everything so peaceful, beautiful and clean looking.

I've been reading some mystery books lately by the author G.A McKevett, I do like her sense of humor. So I haven't been sewing much, but I've been tucked under a quilt, cat on each side, enjoying a good book which isn't so bad huh??.

But sewing related I've been working on the 10th annual Ohio Quilters Retreat stuff. When I first started doing the retreat geesh 10 years ago, it was so hectic doing everything myself. Then I got some great gals to help, with a few bumps, some have came & gone that has help, a few tears, I'm finally got everything down pat & running smoothly. I've got90% of the same wonderful group of gals coming back year after year, which makes it so much easier. I've had to tweak some rules, but over all it has been a blast. I have a really good feeling this year that I'll be the most relaxed ever this year. I've even hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed, got a couple of surprises this year for the ones attending. The hardest part is getting things for the goodie bags and the raffle we do, but in the end so worth the time & effort to pull it all off. Oh did I mention the food we have there, we have a Mennonite lady come and serve us wonderful, wonderful food. Plus some of the gals that come bring the best snacks and lunch stuff. There are not too many Quilters I've met that can't cook something yummy~~ Nothing beats being surrounded by beautiful landscape, great people, wonderful food, laughter, sharing, friends and quilting. Life is good.

Today I got the first donation to the retreat from Honey Fork Fabrics. Ellen & her staff are so wonderful, plus those gals are quick on shipping. She sent us a book, some fat quarters, and some business items to hand out. Thanks so much Ellen!!!! I would recommend them to anyone for quilting needs, plus she has neat quilt shop out in the hocking hills of Ohio. So if you out that way be sure to stop by & say Hi~~

Have a blessed day & stay warm~~~


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