Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Quilt Retreat

I got to live a quilters dream, getting snowed in a quilt retreat!! How awesome is that?? Since I live in Ohio the weather is always, always changing they were calling for snow, no biggie, but we ended up getting around 7" of it. I couldn't leave, I know so sad I had to stay another night. Which was fine, I mean I had a fire if needed, fabric, sewing machine, a few projects, friends and some good food, so I was set. We had such a wonderful time, I didn't stay to ring in the New Year with my friends. I ventured home to celebrate with my husband. I did get a couple of tablerunner/toppers made including quilting them, just didn't get around the binding part. I know a big surprise to those who know me, not so much a surprise. I also got 3/4 a top completed all I need to do is add a couple of borders to it, then it will go to my "to be quilted" pile.

I love attending these retreats with a great group of ladies, we just have made so many wonderful friendships with almost no drama~~ I know I get asked what do you do at these retreats. Well we sew, laugh, share stories, sew some more, make/eat some wonderful food, and even throw in a puzzle or two to put together too. We also nap if we want, shop if we want, and basically relax. So if you can go to one, GO, I mean RUN!!!! 

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Sue said...

Your topper and runner are just lovely!

I sure wish we here in the mid-Michigan area could get that much snow! I'd love an excuse to be snowed in :)
That sure is beautiful!