Friday, February 09, 2007

Another quilt top done, Yea!!!

Well I finished another top. It is called Chelsea's Boutique done up in my favorite lines of fabric called Kansas troubles. It turned out rather nicely and used up a bunch of scraps, which is always a plus. I did this in 3 days while being snowed in with the kids this week. Had to do something to keep my sanity.
Was a very easy pattern, plus i simplified it and instead of uning 4 7/8" square to make 1/2 square triangles I dug out my 5" charms I purchased for another quilt project. Use them instead, which was a major time savor, and trimmed them down to 4 1/2" after sewing them. Now I have to replace my charms to do the other quilt. Don't you love how the colors just go together? One more quilt that went into the "need" to be quilted pile. Now up to 8 boy I wish the weather would warm up so I can go out there & sew without turning on the heaters.

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