Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quilt Retreats~~~ A piece of Heaven

Well went to another quilt retreat the weekend of March 2-4th, 2007 and Had a ball~~. I don't understand why more women don't do this. I had so much fun. Met up with 8 Ohioquilters members there, we laughed, teased one another, sewed, ate, laughed some more and made some lasting friendships. This was such a wonderful weekend. I believe more women should be going to these just to get away from everyday life. You can go there, and be goofy for the whole weekend, guess what no one cares your a little bit nuts, because they are being the same way. The best part is no phones to answer ( unless of course you leave your cell phone on),your not a taxi, your not making dinner, your not cleaning up after others, not being a referee and lots of other things I could list. The best part you can do what you want when you want to. When you are heading home you just feel so relaxed and can't wait to start sewing again on some quilts. I recommend going to one of these at least once a year. You do get to meet some wonderful women that enjoys the same hobby as you plus who knows what other hobbys you might have the same interest. If you get the chance to go to a quilt retreat do so, you'll never regret it. I can't wait until May for my next one then it will on to September for my last one of the year.

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Crzy.Biker.Quilter said...

Carolyn as in from the Ohio quilters list?? oh my word... that makes two lists we are on together and still haven't met! I wish I would have gotten to go on this last retreat.. one of these days I'll get to go! I still haven't gotten to discover/shop the southern Ohio quilt shops.. guess that's why hubby keeps me out of southern Ohio.. he's been there with his mamma many years ago and knows how much trouble I can get into.. heck I get in trouble at the DoorMouse!