Thursday, April 05, 2007


Well here it is April and getting into the "spring" cleaning mood and simplify my sewing area. Well I have a 16x24' converted garage as my sewing area. I love it. Clyde my hubby insulated and put up strand board with lots of outlets and lighting. I've been adding cupboards as the extra cash comes available. I've got a L-shaped sewing table and another huge desk to sew or craft on. Clyde even bought me a dorm size refrigerator to put in there as well. Now only if I had a bathroom I'd probable never leave there. I keep my grace machine quilter in there. We were discussing organzation on the ohioquilters list, and I told them about the container I use to keep all of my "feet", accessories, thread etc when I go on a retreat. ( which I'm leaving come May for another quilt retreat, pure heaven) so I've enclosed a picture of what I use. I picked this up in the hardware section it is used actually to put assorted sizes of nail, nuts & bolts ect. Has a nice tight lid on it, plus I can carry pretty much all I need for a retreat. For example extra thread, prewound bobbins, stuff to clean my machine, extra feet, an electric adapter, cutters, sissors, glue stick ( paper piecing), and just about anything. This also fits nicely in my rolling tote that I put my machine in. I love new ideas on how to organize my stuff.

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