Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For sale/cleaning out sewing room

Well I started cleaning out my stash & all of my craft stuff. Things have settled down with my mom & i'm really wanting to simplify my "stuff" so I decided to get rid of some of my stuff. Plus this is my son's senior year, we got the information for his senior trip, pictures and stuff so i'm going to start using this money towards all of that stuff.

Everything is on my webshots the prices is under the picture in the caption part. I'm selling a bunch of 1930's charms ( the pictures are just samples, you'd get an assortment), fat quarters and doll making stuff. i'm going to be doing this off and on this week so be sure to keep checking to see what i might put up. the webshot link is on the left side of my blog~~

Have a great day.

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