Thursday, September 06, 2007


Been catching up on some reading & finally getting some motivation to quilt some. This summer has flown by, school is back in session, & before we know it Christmas holidays will be here already.
As I was reading a book by Joyce Meyers called "A Leader in the Making" I came across a wonderful saying. "If nobody else in the world believes in you, God Does. With that confidence you can do whatever He wants you to do". Talk about a light bulb moment, ding,ding,ding~~~
I know with me in such a lack of confindence, self-esteem and always "dreaming" this was such a great thing to read & sink into my lil ole brain. Got me to really thinking you know God is the one who gives you the ideas, dreams, & wants, he knows what is in your heart like no one else does, since he does don't you think he'd be the one to really honestly truely believe in YOU!!! I know for me it has been on my heart to find some land, beable to purchase it, and built a retreat place for quilters, especially ones with cancer to come and have an enjoyable time, beable to leave all of your troubles behind for a little while, relax & not feel judge or pitied. But that ole me keeps coming up with excuses, no follow thru, and just plain ole "you can't do that". After reading that passage I'm beginning to wonder "hey girl you can cause someone believe in you and with him on yourside how can you go wrong". Lots to think about.~~~~

That retreat is a couple weeks away & so much to do, making some gifties, printing off stuff, getting my list(s) all together so I don't forget anything. I haven't been overly excited about it for some reason, but I know once I get there I'll be having a great time. Always have trouble with the leaving part, but once I'm there look out I'm all smiles & giggles.


Julia said...

Beautiful thought! I am going to write that one done and put it in my sewing room.

Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

thanks glad you liked it, really hit home with me~~~