Monday, September 24, 2007

Well finally everything has been put back from the retreat, wow what a job that was. I had a great time at retreat, good food, lots of laughter, sewing without interuptions, no husband or kids needing or wanting something. Such heaven~~~

The picture is one of the tops I finished, Yea~~~ I also won a cool bag full of goodies as well, so I shared the wealth. This retreat was just what I needed before the holidays start rolling around. So now maybe I'll have some motivation to get stuff done finally, hhhhhmmmm maybe even get some quilted out. This one will go into the pile.

Dryer just went off so better get those clothes out so I don't have to iron them. write more later about the retreat.

oh here is a link to more pictures of the read, don't forget to read the captions too

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michael5000 said...

Zowie, that quilt top looks great! Classic.