Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quilting Done and Friendship

Well yesterday was a great day. Had some friends (nurse Nancy, Pat, and Debbie Bockneck)over to show them my grace machine frame, one of the girls bought one and wanted to see how I did my quilting. We had lots of laughs and fun. We even went down to shop that is called the bargin barn ( which is a few houses down from me) to look & maybe buy something. This is a huge concrete building like a huge yardsale indoors. I ended up getting a mega huge snow shovel for $3.00, a shirt for my son, a carhart jacket and a pair of mini mudd short, only spent a total of $6.00. I'm going to take the shorts to make a purse out of, they had some cute designs on the pocket. Also talked on of my friends to make some too, heck for a $1.00 a pair couldn't pass it up.
It was such a wonderful day,much needed on my end. Hope to do it again.
i'll post the table runner I got finished, turned out quite nice.
So now I'm in the mood to get some of those tops done finally~~~~
Wish me luck.


Nurse Nancy said...

I too had a wonderful time yesterday! Came home with several goodies from the Bargain Barn. lol

It was so much fun getting together with friends and seeing your frame up close. Gotta get me one of those!

Glad you're back in the sewing mood. Get all those tops quilted and lots of new projects started!!

Love ya!
Nurse Nancy

julieQ said...

I like to go to our local thrift shop, which is huge!! Amazing what 10 dollars can buy!!