Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

The last day of October has finally arrived~~~ Won't be long and Christmas will be here. I finally got a bunch of birthday blocks completed for the group, can't wait to finish all of them up and sent out. I seem to be dragging behind on them, my mind is elsewhere. I got all of my fabric together for my christmas block swap that is due end of the week. I picked out the pattern Saw tooth Star for one set, who knows I may do another set while I"m at it. I've got some really pretty christmas fabric done up in greens and reds, with gold intertwined. Seems like this time of the year I just can't get in the mood to sew unless it is last minute stuff. I'm not into christmas fabrics much but my mom is so I may give this to her for christmas, LOL.
I found another project to do to add to my numerous list a jacob's ladder done up in civil war prints it was in dec/jan Quilt Magazine. Such Drooling material~~~ I absolutely fell in love with it done up in those fabrics.
well off to take my youngest son trick or treating~~~~ Happy Halloween~~~~

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