Thursday, November 08, 2007

Block swaps & more

Well finished up some birthday blocks, yea~~~ This block was called Brasstown Star, my friend Kris sent in the middle fabric along with the gold, I supplied the green and red. So one down only 4 more birthday blocks to finish up and then done for the year.

These blocks are from a Block Swap from Kt Stitchers, called All Stars. They are done up in KT line called Snowblooms. Mine is the red one pinwheel in the middle. I'll add some more blocks to make up a neat quilt done up in star style blocks and KT Snowblooms. I will probable take a break next year from block swapping unless it is with a certain line. Those swaps seem to go together nicely plus you know what you getting back as in fabric. I hate sending out nice quilt shop fabric & get cheap fabric back. Kinda makes you wonder if they are using the cheap fabric just to get rid of it or what.

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Nurse Nancy said...

Those are some beautiful blocks. Love, love, love KT!! Those sure would look pretty on my bed....