Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Anniversay~~~ 18 years

Here is picture of me and my mom Kay and my Dad Jim.
Her is Clyde and me after we got married, man I love that dress, too bad I can't fit into a size 5 anymore~~~ I love that train. I made all the flowers and headpiece
Here is clyde taking off my garder at our reception. Those were the days
Here is our whole group. My sister was the maid of honor Maria, Clyde's sister Angie, My cousin Danielle, Clyde's Step sister Chris, and my friend Tina. My neice was the flower girl Krista. The guys Mark was Best man, Brother Roger ( aka Boo), Step brother Phil, friends Danny and Kevin.
Here I am shoving cake up his nose, I mean I shoved it.

Well come the 13th of January I'll be married a total of 18 years to a wonderful guy, that I've been truely blessed having him in my life. We got married back in 1990, both us were didn't know what we were getting into, but has been a great ride. Hopefully we can reach a 25th or even a 50th anniversary. We'vehad a few rough patches, have two wonderful boys and a pretty good relationship. I posted pictures of our wedding day, we paid for our own wedding & couldn't afford a photographer so we relied on friends and family for pictures. Some are kinda good and some are dark, oh well we had such a fun time. a few have asked us how do we stay together, we always reply, be as honest as possible, love one another for who you are & accept one another including your faults. Marriage isn't easy but if you work at it, so worth it. Nothing like you see on TV, they forget to show you the everyday crap, the tears, and basically dealing with everyday life. No one in this life is perfect and you shouldn't expect you spouse is, if you aren't either. Don't try to change one another into something you think you want or what he/she should be, accept them for who they are faults and all. You know the grass may be greener on the other side but you still have to mow it.
Don't you love the hair do's in these pictures?? And we were the bomb then too. memories are so wonderful, and all started when two people fell in love.

Have a great weekend~~~


Susan said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing the pictures. May there be many more years together.

Shelina said...

Happy anniversary Carolyn. It is a beautiful dress. Great tips - I think accepting people as they are is the hardest thing to do, but something that must be done in any relationship.