Monday, January 24, 2011

Mystery Borders

Here are the cutting requirements for the borders, so be sure to break out your border fabric & also your focus fabric as well for this step. Then tomorrow I'll tell you how to assemble it all together. Now this is the cutting part only so don't get nervous. These will go with the nine patches we have plus the squares we cut out earlier from the background/light ( fabric #1). In one part tells you to refer to the photo well, you won't see the photo's till tomorrow, so relax a little. You can click on the instructions below to get a larger view, click again on them and get a larger view. Figured this was better them trying to type them out & explain them to you. *** When it talks about the fifth fabric that is your Border fabric. You will have only one more cut and it below the picture instructions which uses the rest of your Fabric #3 the Focus.
Fabric #3 ( Focus Fabric)
Cut the reserved border panel of fabric #3 lengthwise into four - 3 3/4" wide borders. Trim two of them to 53 1/2" long. Trim the two remaining border panels to 60" long. You will use these tomorrow when assembling the quilt top.

This is such a neat quilt top and so worth the work. I do hope this hasn't been much of a hassle.
I'm doing the drawing this weekend for those who post a comment under any of the mystery quilt posting. Got some goodies to mail to you.
Many blessing~~~

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