Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ripping?? Yep I am..

Well I spent hour ripping out some blocks all 60 of them!!! I hate it when I'm sewing along, jamming out to some music, just humming along.. Then bam.... I run out of bobbin thread a few blocks back. Darn it~~~ So I then clean the bobbin case out, put in some new bobbin thread ready to roll. Nope I dbl check the picture & layout, well crap, I sewed all of them backwards!!! Yep I did it. So much for a relaxing evening of pressing them all to sew today. Nope I turned the machine off, gathered them all in a pile & left the room. I figured I'd deal with it later. That was today. So turned me on movie, grabbed the blocks & my handy dandy clover seam ripper ( which is my favorite by the way) , let the ripping begin.

** *Note to one self, keep dbl checking the picture of the pattern your putting together***

*** Be glad I like miss Rosie's Quilt pattern, remind myself how much I love the finished product***

Pray this isn't contagious or happens for awhile, I'm humble now....

Many Blessings


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Bianca said...

Oh no!!! The poor seam ripper. I hope he will recover from this workout.
I am sorry this happened to you. I do that too sometimes, when I let my mind wander too much. For me it is Audio Books.