Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back To School

Caleb is back to school & I now have my afternoons to myself when I'm not at the quilt shop. Since I'm on a simplifing kick, I started back on the sewing room. I have a bunch of homespun fabrics, a ton of primitive dollmaking stuff from old vintage handkercheifs, lace, vintage pillowcases and a lot more, that is boxed up for either to give away or sell haven't decided yet. But it felt good to box it all up. I'm going to hit my shelf wall today and declutter it all. I'm so tired of looking at everything & thinking well you never know I may need it. I decided if I hadn't used it in the last year outta here with a few execptions of course like fabric, patterns and books that I still love & smile when I see it, the rest is gone~~~ So if anyone is interested in stuff like that above shoot me off an email, I'm in the mood to deal.. I'll take some pictures this afternoon and post. So be sure to let your quilting friends know. :-) We're Dealing baby~~~

Many Blessings to you & yours~~~

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