Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where did summer go??

Okay where did the summer go?? I missed it all I guess. This has been the most busiest summers ever I have had in such a long, long time. I did however got a long weekend getaway with the ole man and Caleb. We headed over to shipshewana Indiana for a nice relaxing long weekend. We stopped overnight in Auburn Indiana which was very nice. We ended up at the bass pro shop in Portage, Indiana, then road down a bunch of backroads to visit the Amish country Indiana and overnight in Shipshewana. I had a great time visiting some off the beaten paths of shops. Hit some antique places, quilt shops, variety shops and hunting shops as well. We ate that evening at the Blue Gate Inn, I highly recommend it!!! It was wonderful!! We ate family style it was oh so good~~ The place was packed but worth the 15 minute wait. We stayed the night in Shipshewana visited a lot of shops there, had planned on staying the night again there but decided we would go back over to Auburn to the hotel we stayed at the beginning of this trip. The hotel we stayed at was not the best, since they had paper thin walls & the neighbors were not the quietest I was out of there. But overall we had a great getaway~~

Now it is August & it almost 1/2 way gone. Caleb will be starting school on the 22nd & I can't wait. I think us parents are more excited then the kids are when the date approaches. I know I am~~ It seems I get more stuff done at home when they are away him and the ole man. I did start cleaning out closets, cupboards and packing stuff in boxes to either have a yard sale or goodwill. I just wonder where all of this stuff comes from at times. I mean I've got bowls without lids, way too many plastic items and clothes I no longer where or like. So my plan if I had used it or worn in last 6 months or year ago it is gone, no questions, gone out of here. It sure does feel good. wonder if I can apply that to my sewing room??? hhmmmm NOT!!!

well off to take some cookies out of the oven~~ Stay cool & enjoy the last part of the summer. Many blessing to you all~~


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