Friday, April 04, 2008

A neat baby Quilt

Well I got the baby quilt for a friend of ours that is due the end of the month. they are expecting their first son, after 2 girls which the youngest is I believe 10, talking about starting over. You'd have to put me in the loney bin for sure if that happened to me, mine are 6 years apart which was bad enough. I believe God thought it would funny and me get pregnant again especially since I was planning on getting "fixed" in June ended up pregnant in January. Oh well Caleb has sure been a blessing to me. Here is a picture of him, isn't he so cute~~ You just want to pinch those cheeks dontcha?
Here is the quilt I was talking about at the beginning. It is made out of flannels and minkie style fabric for the ears & paws. This sucker is huge in size. It is rag style. So fuzzy, soft and warm. I heat & bond his nose & eyes down then buttonholed stitched them down then embroidered his mouth. I just hope their ultrasounds are right he is to be a boy, LOL. If not the lil girl will have to like doggie stuff. We are taking it over to them come this weekend after we Hopefuly, fingers & toes crossed, of picking up a new car. Well not new but new to us. A friend called and said his dad is selling off his paper route car, which is a 2001 hyundia elantra, giving us a great price on it, well kept, little high miles but hey only used in a paper route. I hope when i get his age which is in his late seventies I'll be going like him.


Nurse Nancy said...

That's a really cute baby quilt!! I love that it's shaped like a doggie too. Really adorable!

And glad you finally found a car. I know you've been lookinga long time. Whew! The search is over!! LOL

Carolyn said...

cute doggie
i bought that pattern to do a 'floor quilt' for my daughter to use. She is in the process of adopting so she is outfitting a nursery....what cute