Thursday, April 17, 2008

Staying busy

Well right now I'm working on stuff for the retreat so staying super busy with that. I'm making the nametag badges out of some beautiful fabric which I'd love to show you all BUT that would spoil the fun for the gals coming to retreat, sorry~~~~ will post a finish picture after the retreat. Also working on a giveaway which are turning out so cute, they will match the nametags as well. Oh then I have to work on my Miranda Day Bag by Lazygirl designs. A bunch of us bought the pattern to work on up there, I voluntered like a crazy person to make a sample pieces for us to follow, what was I thinking.

Now I have to go thru all of my stuff to figure out what I'm taking, that part I believe is the hardest. hhmmm how many projects to take, what to take.

Then I've got to decide on what kind of snack to bring. I know I'm bringing the fixins for some taco soup to put in a crock pot, love that soup. hhmm should i bring some chocolate surprise cupcakes, or maybe some pineapple upside down muffins. Heck I might stop at an amish bakery & pick something up there, take the easy route. LOL.

I'm still behind on the orange crush mystery over at quiltville, maybe play catch up at the retreat with it. I'm thinking of doing it major scrappy or civil war reproductions just can't make up my mind.

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Phyl said...

Wow...this post sounds like my thinking...I get busy and have so much to do, it is rediculous. I am sure you will figure it all out, tho. We always do. The flowers in ur profile pic are gorgeous!