Thursday, April 03, 2008

No March posts~~~

Well March really got away from me. Let see I celebrated my 38th birthday on the 9th with my brother who turned 43 on the same day. I was his birthday gift to him when he turned 5. He just loves that. :) Then my oldest baby finally got his driver's license which took a new girlfriend in his life to get his butt in gear. He turned 16 back in august & just now got them. So a new set of emotions have set in, so we've been car shopping for over 2 weeks now. Which hasn't turned up anything within our spending range, everyone wants to sell us a new car with low payments up to 84 months ( 7years, oh they do up to 8 years if you spend enough) or we are lied to on the car's history/problems. ( We carfax them, lol) soo good thing we aren't in any hurry. Josh is driving the jeep cherokee, clyde the truck & me the van so no biggie right now. we are just wanting something for clyde to drive with better gas then the jeep, the Ford truck has 260,000 miiles on it so we are limiting it's driving. Oh well God will set me up with exactly what I want & in our price range, I just have to be patient.

HHmmm as too quilting, I was suppose to go to a Quilt Retreat the beginning of March for my birthday well Mother Nature decided to dump 14 inches of snow the friday I was to leave, no needless to say Nope didn't happen. Here is a couple of pictures of it.

Don't this look fun~~~ LOL we went thru almost 15 lbs of bird food that weekend. My cats loved looking out at the window at them & meowing~~

I'm still working on my ufo's Getting ready for the 8th annual OhioQuilter's Quilt Retreat in Berlin, Ohio come the first week of May. We've gotten some great donations, working on a couple of giveaways, finally got the menu we'd be serving finalized ( we have a great caterer that is a mennonite lady, OMGosh she is wonderful), working on the demo's & the mystery Class. So if you think you'd be interested in coming give me a hollar I've got a couple rooms left.

Well off to work in the sewing room today. Have a great one.

"When Love and Skill work together expect a masterpiece" by John Ruskin


Regina said...

Glad to have you "back" again! We missed you!

Happy Belated birthday!

Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

thanks glad to be back, now wish for everything to settle down, have way too much going on.